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Grassroots Motor Sports - Walter Mitty Party
May 1-2, 2004

We wanted to give you an update on our anniversary party at the Walter
Mitty. May 1-2. Please feel free to pass this along to everyone in your club
who is planning on joining us for the party.

Koni is now coming and will do a shock seminar and work on readers shocks at
no charge all during the weekend. This is what they promised:

We would like to bring the Koni Service Trailer and provide the normal
on-site dynoing and light service work that we normally also do at the
Runoffs, ARRC and Solo II Nationals. On a first come-first served basis, we
dyno any Konis for free and do any service work on Konis that can be done
on-site for free and the racer simply pays for parts. We will dyno non-Konis
for a small charge when time permits around the Koni work.

Also Dayton Wire Wheel and our own tire guru John Rastetter (from the Tire
Rack) will be there to offer advice. We also have a micro car museum
planning to bring some cool little cars out. Saab is pulling cars out of
their museum too. Famed Triumph curmudgeon JK Jackson will talk Triumphs and
our own Carl Heideman is bringing his supercharged MGB and will do MG

This thing is turning out to be huge. We have over 40 vendors lined up. We
will be bringing pretty much all our project cars and have a bunch of
surprises planned. Also all our readers will be invited to autocross new
MINIs for FREE. Details are at our website. and

Don't forget to give the Guesthouse Inn in Gainesville a call if you need
hotel rooms. Mention that you are coming for the GRM or CMS event and
they'll give you a room for $60 a night. They can be reached at (770)

Not a club sponsored event